This section of my website will serve to provide locals and visitors an up-to-date ‘adventure report’ for South Central Alaska. Many of our recreational activities are seasonal or weather-dependent and having a real-time report can be game-changing. Turn to this resource before making after-work or weekend plans for ideas or recommendations. The content will be focused on local running, hiking, skiing, ice skating, swimming, flying, camping, fishing and hunting (I might sneak in some dental hygiene tips as well). I look forward to sharing my adventures with you!

I want to begin by introducing Peak 3. Found at the end of Canyon Road, it is Flattop Mountain’s older and slightly taller sibling. For those who are interested in backcountry adventuring, this mountain provides consistent and extremely accessible skiing throughout the winter. It boasts incredible views of the Anchorage bowl, the Cook Inlet, Denali, Mount Susitna, and the IRS range. It serves as one of my winter and spring skiing staples.

Yesterday, we reached the summit at 9:30 pm after a late and lazy start. The fresh air and golden light were rejuvenating after a long workday. The recent warm weather hammered the snow and it was tricky skiing but well worth the effort. I anticipate the snow to “corn up” soon and I’m sure this fantastic mountain has several more weeks of spring skiing left in it!