It is May 1st and we are eager to log our first miles for the 100 Miles in May challenge (visit for more information). This event is incredibly fun, encourages exercise and raises money for a fantastic cause. Additionally, it serves as a great summer fitness boost and provides the extra motivation to enjoy one of Alaska’s most pleasant months.

After feeling quite lazy last night, we decided to scoot up to Peak 3 for an evening ski. After pulling on my boots, I strapped bear spray to my chest and threw my skis over my shoulder. The generous snow fall from mid-April has been fast receding, however, a ribbon of snow remained after a quick hike in ski boots. The climb was quiet and peaceful. The setting sun bathed the peak in golden light as the Alaska Range towered over the horizon to the north. We reached the summit at 10:00pm, just in time to catch the last glimpse of alpenglow over the Front Range. I often struggle to exercise after work, but I never regret getting out the door. I am looking forward to logging those miles in May!