Butter soft turns

Penguin Peak garners one of the most spectacular and easy-skiing bowls in the Front Range.  It rises from sea level along the Turnagain Arm and provides a fantastic full day or evening adventure opportunity.  It is important to wait until late-spring after the snow has stabilized to tackle this mountain; the access point is a long avalanche chute that slides multiple times per year.  However, once the dust (or snow, rather) settles, the ascent is really quite manageable.

After another busy day, we left Anchorage at 5:00 pm and did not leave the car until around 6:00 pm.  We started in running shoes and switched to boots and skis after 15 minutes of hiking. The climb was easy going on our light gear and we found ourselves on the summit at 7:30.  An evening wind was just starting to crust the smooth layer of spring snow, however, we descended in time to enjoy some buttery soft turns before it iced up for the evening.  On a warm day, it is easy to pass the entire day skiing laps and enjoying the sun. Stay safe and enjoy!